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ExhibitCore is a division of RC Media Group, Inc. a Delaware Corporation based in Orlando, Florida. ExhibitCore offers effective business technology and marketing strategies. We specialize in consulting, software development, advanced interactive technologies and collateral material. Customizable technology and a focus on specific vertical markets are what set RC Media Group, Inc. apart from its competition.

Each member of our design and programming team has more than 15 years of proven experience in effective software development, marketing strategies and methodologies. We have boiled down these custom techniques from top sales organizations and incorporated them into turnkey solutions for the exhibit industry and beyond. We believe that a successful show revolves around solid tools that give your business the edge.

Hi there! ExhibitCore is the portal to all of your trade show management and event marketing solutions! As a new Guest, you should go to our ExhibitCore Floor Planner, sign-up for a free account and experience just a sample of our capabilities. Have fun!

…Ronald Casimir, President

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