Outdoor Wedding or Golf Event Tutorial

Hi again…it’s Julie!  Sorry I’ve been MIA but I’ve been busy creating layouts on the Event Planner!  The tutorial I want to share with you next will  show you how to create an outdoor venue.  This tutorial goes over several commands and will help spark your imagination!  So,  put on those headphones, crank up the volume and get ready for some fun designing…

screenshot of outdoor event

“screenshot of outdoor event”

View the tutorial below.  Until next time…good luck designing your day!

Indoor Wedding Event Tutorial

Hi Again…it’s Julie!  Hope you’re ready for an official tutorial of an indoor wedding event.   Now this is some intense stuff you’re going to experience which I hope will help guide you through your own layouts you’re creating with the Event Planner.  In this tutorial you’ll see just how easy it is to use this software and all the benefits you’ll get from it.

"screenshot of wedding in 3D"

“screenshot of wedding in 3D”

There are SO MANY possibilities with the Event Planner as I’ve mentioned in my last and first blog post! Click here to check out my tutorial.  Until next time…good luck designing your day..:-)

Uploading a floorplan and scaling it to size.

Hi…my name is Julie and I created several tutorials to help subscribers to  navigate through the Event Planner.  This tutorial walks you through the “scale” command.  This is my favorite command since it allows you to bring in your own layout or floor plan and scale it to size so you can use it in the Event Planner.  I’ve used it to scale a google satellite picture of a farm I worked on.  I needed a rough size of the land and didn’t have time to request a survey, so I saved the picture on my screen and scaled it into the Event Planner using the house on the property as a reference point for my “scaling” dimension.  I scaled it up and then was able to develop a rough survey of the land.

“scaled satellite screenshot”

I also used this command when I moved into a new apartment.  I took the floor plan from their website and scaled it up and added furniture by using the “shapes” tool to create the accurate size of my furniture.

“scaled apartment”

I love this software!  Here’s a link to my tutorial.  Until next time…good luck designing your day!

Coming soon! ExhibitCore Event Planner

It an exiting time to announce the upcoming launch of our ExhibitCore Event planner. It became obvious that we should not make the floor planner achieve every possible scenario in the event space. Therefore, the need for the birth of our new event planner. What features will the event planner contain? Read more

ExhibitCore Now Available In Chrome App Store

You can now install the Floor Planner as an app in Google Chrome. The new version is packed with features and best of all, it is still free! We provide powerful floor plan visualization software for the trade shows, exhibits, expos, fairs, corporate events, booths, stands, corporate meetings, parties, weddings, homes, offices and much more.

Get The Chrome App Here!
ExhibitCore Chrome App

ExhibitCore Launches New Website

The ExhibitCore team would like to invite you to come by and check out our new website. In addition to the great new look, it is full of new features that will allow us to serve you better. Don’t forget to follow us on twitter and like us on facebook to keep up with the latest news and find out about special discounts.

Take a look and let us know what you think!


Lighting in your booth

[tweet username=”exhibitcore” layout=”none” text=”ExhibitCore Floor Planner”][fblike layout=”button_count” show_faces=”true” action=”like”] Lighting can elevate or destroy the look and mood of your trade show booth. Good lighting should always accent and enhance the booths attributes and minimize its flaws. It should influence the traffic flow and keep the attention where it belongs your marketing message.

Designers equipped with state of the art 3d software have unlimited choices in lighting and effects, it’s the life blood of any great rendering. And in most case it is used to create drama, excitement and enhances desire. The problem is that, it’s rarely translated to the end product. Final booths rarely look like the renderings in terms of the way the booth is lit. Then there’s the fact that lights put into the rendering are invisible and the source of that light does not appear in the renderings.

There are many reasons lighting fails on the show floor, but let’s look at my three top culprits.

1. Ambient light that bounces around the exhibit hall, from other booth, affects the light in your own booth.

2. Most designer’s knowledge of how to implement those lights and call out the proper intensity when appropriate is very limited. Those times call for a lighting expert to provide some well needed guidance.

3. 3rd Common reason is budget. Lighting is an easy item to squeeze out of a tight budget. It usually inters into the equation after the physical booth is constructed.

RC Media Group is celebrating their biggest release to date

[tweet username=”exhibitcore” layout=”none” text=”rc media group, big software release”][fblike layout=”button_count” show_faces=”true” action=”like”]8/5/2010 – RC Media Group is celebrating their biggest release ever. They now offer the ExhibitCore Manager software in both exhibitor and exhibit house editions.

ExhibitCore Manager is the easiest and most cost-effective way to satisfy all trade show online collaboration needs, satisfying the needs of large exhibit builders to small sales teams. This edition is full of core features: manage in-house rental inventory, comprehensive client inventory management and event packages, manage tasks and budgets, share data between other applications like Microsoft® Excel and Microsoft® Outlook. Get handy e-mail reminders that alert you to your upcoming meetings or events. Instantly generate shipping itineraries. Automatically generate reports that calculate storage fees and drayage estimates from crate inventories.

Because of this launch, RC Media Group, Inc. is offering free accounts for a limited time. Take advantage of this offer before it ends. Both set up fee and subscription is waved during this introductory period. To get your free account, go to the homepage and click on the free edition button to get started.

Pricing and availability: The signup fee is a fraction of what the competition charges. There is never a charge for adding users, no limits on duration of use or frequency, and no overage charges. As a result, your employee and customers can access files and information more often and increase their productivity without watching the clock. If you are not ready to convert all inventories right away there are plans to let you add more account as you go until you reach the unlimited account level. For example, start with the biggest client then as you get more comfortable add more. Don’t pay for empty databases.

Easy to Use: The streamlined interface makes it extremely easy for employees and customers to connect right away. Now everyone can access trade show resources and share information.

Customer support: During the implementation process, we will be there to get your team going by uploading the information that is needed to populate your database. If an emergency arises and you need help, click on the help button and tell us what you need. Every one of our IT Technicians gets an immediate text message with your help question.

Customization: Besides being able to customize the look and feel of your software, we offer custom modules to allow each exhibit house to implement programs that are unique to their needs. Example, if your warehouse is so configured you can add barcode scanning to crate inventories. We also customize the layout of any warehouse and visually map it on the software to make it easy to locate any recourse fast and easy. Some customers run their unique job tickets right from the software. This is only really scratching the surface of what the ExhibitCore manager can do.

System Requirements: ExhibitCore Manager is a Web-based application that works on any operating system that uses modern web browser technology. No software has to be installed on your computer so updates are automatic.

About RC Media Group, Inc.
ExhibitCore is a division of RC Media Group, Inc. based in Orlando, FL. Founded in 2004, RC Media group offers effective business technology and marketing strategies – specializing in consulting, software development, advanced interactive technologies. Customizable technology and a focus on specific vertical markets are what set RC Media Group, Inc. apart from its competition. All RC media Group products come with unmatched education, training and personal coaching services, and award-winning technical support. For more information, go to www.exhibitcore.com.
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ExhibitCore Launches Free Exhibit Floor Plan Layout Software

[tweet username=”exhibitcore” layout=”none” text=”free floor plan software launch”][fblike layout=”button_count” show_faces=”true” action=”like”]1/6/2011 – RC Media Group, Inc. has released ExhibitCore® Floor Planner Free Edition, the latest version of its online, interactive trade show booth design and sales lead generation tool for exhibitors, event planners manufacturers and retailers. ExhibitCore® Floor Planner offers lots of great features to enhance the customer experience in designing and visualizing their booth space with furnishings, products, exhibit modules and structures, as well as improved reporting and lead follow-up tools for the sellers and manufacturers.

The ExhibitCore Floor Planner allows you to browse actual items from your trade show exhibit inventory, view product details and drag-n-drop the items right onto your floor plan. These products are automatically scaled to their actual dimensions allowing you to determine whether a certain item will fit in your floor plan layout. You can manipulate walls, dimensions, symbols and notes then share your floor plans and electrical layouts with team members or show management.

“The trade show industry overall has recognized the value of incorporating web marketing into its communications mix for reaching customers,” commented Ronald Casimir, President of RC Media Group, Inc. “The ExhibitCore® Floor Planner is built into the websites of trade show retailers, manufacturers, and launched by consumers daily. The many new features in this version deliver the enhancements that are most in demand. Exhibitors are empowered with an even easier-to-use interface offering considerably more design options, while simultaneously placing greater emphasis on the retailer’s products. We’ve also made it easier for sellers to follow up on leads and zero in on those products that customers are most interested in.”

Anyone can play around with the software before registering, but in order to save your floor plans and share it on facebook you must sign up for a free account. For more information, a live demo is available at www.exhibitcore.com/planner_index.html. Simply launch the demo floor planner, nothing to download or install.

About RC Media Group, Inc.
ExhibitCore is a division of RC Media Group, Inc. based in Orlando, FL. Founded in 2004 and has become the industry leading online trade show management and event planning solution for exhibitors, Exhibit houses, Tradeshow Manufacturers. RC Media group offers effective business technology and marketing strategies – specializing in consulting, software development, advanced interactive technologies. Customizable technology and a focus on specific vertical markets are what set RC Media Group, Inc. apart from the rest. All RC media Group products come with unmatched education, training and personal coaching services, and award-winning technical support. For more information, go to www.exhibitCore.com.