ExhibitCore Now Available In Chrome App Store
May 25, 2013
Uploading a floorplan and scaling it to size.
October 31, 2014

Coming soon! ExhibitCore Event Planner

It an exiting time to announce the upcoming launch of our ExhibitCore Event planner. It became obvious that we should not make the floor planner achieve every possible scenario in the event space. Therefore, the need for the birth of our new event planner. What features will the event planner contain?
well first and foremost trade show planning come up first as an obvious need. the current market does not offer any solutions in that field. our trade show event planner solution is set to take the creation of the booth creation and allocation out of the hands of the cad programer by simplifying the tools needed and putting back in the hands of the event organizers. Our tool will allow the event organizers to accomplish what takes cad professionals weeks and lots of red take plus the exuberant cost that comes with it. The creation of hideous, low quality venue floor plans, we are able to build and large library of venue floor plans from all over the world. once a floor plans has been created by the event planner, publishing it to a web site is a breeze. The publish floor plan feature is interactive and will allow direct floor space ordering automatically. sold floor plans statuses are updated instantly, no more cumbersome Pdfs that gets updated every other week. The navigation tools will let you go from booth to booth without loosing your way. create fav list of company name on floor plans and send it to your smart phone or table when walking the show.

the 3d features will have a growing list of great venues with full interior space in 3d, ready for the event planner before you even start planning. plan banquet, conferences, theater seating and classroom setting and much more.

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