[tweet username=”exhibitcore” layout=”none” text=”ExhibitCore Security”][fblike layout=”button_count” show_faces=”true” action=”like”]Backup features include:

Exhibit Core’s data backup measures ensure that your previously stored and backed up information will be available to you in the event you inadvertently delete or overwrite critical data. We perform a full backup once a week with additional daily incremental backups of modified files.

  • Daily data backup – Site data is backed up by Exhibit Core staff every day.
  • Weekly data backup – A full data backup with digital tapes is executed every week.
  • Every four weeks a full backup is put aside and kept for six months.
  • Exhibit Core operational personnel can restore your files going back as far as six months.

Security features include:

You can rest assured that your data is in safe hands. Our powerful servers are located in a world class network operations center that provides the following features:

  • High-performance, reliable, and scalable dedicated network
  • 24 x 7 monitored key card access
  • Upstream served by a OC-48 self-healing SONET ring technology
  • Dual OC-48 self-healing SONET ring
  • UPS 100KVA Leibert protected systems
  • 350KW diesel generator with large fuel reserve for backup power
  • Complete lightning protection

Access to third-party fiber networks from Sprint, BellSouth, Time Warner, Progress Telecom, and AT&T

Supported Browsers:

qq Internet Explorer 5.5 + aa Netscape 7.2 + ss Mozilla
eee Mozilla Firefox rr Opera 8+ yg Safari