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Room diagramming software for easy event planning and management

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ExhibitCore Event Planner brings Venues and planners under the same umbrella.

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Venue upload

Add your venue Floor plans to the ExhibitCore Event Planner, and be found by event planners and show organizers from all over the world.

White label planner

Get your Own FloorPlanner And start selling your product in a new way. Create your own assets and publish from your own website.

Our mobile app

Download the app and log-in to your account to load saved floor plans. Navigate your floor plans in 3D with orbit and walk-through modes.

Dashboard Log-in

Log-in to the dashboard to view and manage your account information and floor plans. Share plans, manage assets, all from one location.

Planning your Event has never been more fun

Collaborate with others to design your event all in the clouds, no software to install no hardware to manage. You build any number of cool layouts, and publish online for all to see.


Fully cloud based, Our API will integrate to any CRM system.

Run Multiple events and Publish with white label Customization.
Run powerful planning tools that generates complex table arrangements in minutes.
Load floor plans accurately from Autocad and start planning.
Share plans instantly on Multiple devices and update live.

Who is using our event planner?




Take control with remote event planning

For the first time, MICE organisers will be able to visualise the layout of their spaces using our 2D and 3D planners, with the ability to make changes and adjustments to ensure that their event is implemented just as they envision it.

Details of all services ordered are readily available for the clients’ reference, as is the ability to place last-minute orders ranging from booth catering to AV equipment to floral arrangements.

With Suntec Singapore’s Online Customer Portal, clients are in control of their events anytime, anywhere.



TOTALLY MOD Events Furnishings

TOTALLY MOD designs, manufactures, and rents event furnishings ranging from LED lit acrylic tables, chairs, bars and accents to contemporary soft seating. All products are engineered to be Customizable, Branding Capable, Reconfigurable, and Uniquely Affordable without compromising style and elegance

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