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Lighting in your booth

Lighting can elevate or destroy the look and mood of your trade show booth. Good lighting should always accent and enhance the booths attributes and minimize its flaws. It should influence the traffic flow and keep the attention where it belongs your marketing message.

Designers equipped with state of the art 3d software have unlimited choices in lighting and effects, it’s the life blood of any great rendering. And in most case it is used to create drama, excitement and enhances desire. The problem is that, it’s rarely translated to the end product. Final booths rarely look like the renderings in terms of the way the booth is lit. Then there’s the fact that lights put into the rendering are invisible and the source of that light does not appear in the renderings.

There are many reasons lighting fails on the show floor, but let’s look at my three top culprits.

1. Ambient light that bounces around the exhibit hall, from other booth, affects the light in your own booth.

2. Most designer’s knowledge of how to implement those lights and call out the proper intensity when appropriate is very limited. Those times call for a lighting expert to provide some well needed guidance.

3. 3rd Common reason is budget. Lighting is an easy item to squeeze out of a tight budget. It usually inters into the equation after the physical booth is constructed.

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