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3D ViewerWebsite design

After you layout your floor plan, click on the 3d button to view your layout in fullscreen 3d. In 3d view you can pan, rotate and zoom in on your view. take a snapshot picture from any angle and save it to your desktop. you can also share the 3d view with others even if they do not have an account.

Print out designsWebsite design

Easily print out your designs, including dimensions, to bring with you when you meet with vendors and contractors. You'll have all the details you need to discuss your ideas and make planning decisions.

Share on Facebook, web, or other social sitesWebsite design

There are numerous ways to share your designs and snapshots.Use email to send a link to your design. Share on social sites like Facebook, Twitter, and many others to open up your ideas for group discussion. You can even embed a design on your web site — ExhibitCore Floor Planner makes it fast and easy.

Drag and dropWebsite design

Create floor plans with the ease of drag-and-drop! Layout tradeshow plans, rooms , event space, and add in details like exhibit modules and structures, and furnishings in just minutes. Design entirely new spaces, use your existing plan measurements, or choose an existing layout from our Gallery.

Product linkingWebsite design

All of our symbols are linked to actual products, sized accuratly to reflect real world dimention. our properties panels lets you explore the details of selected items and links to the vendor's product catalog page. Each item includes behavior rules to speed placement and improve accuracy.

Use Peer to PeerWebsite design

Share your plan with a friend or colleague, Live! With our exhibithouse account two users can log-in from different locations while sharing the same plan. Watch as your peer drag and drop items on the screen and contributes to the planning process.

Rich Color And textureWebsite design

Take a simple black and white floor plan to new levels with Full color support and texture, Explore the properties panel in our Floor Planner to Customize each Symbol and the floor plan.

Space Planning
"I like the fact that all the products are sized properly, no guessing game! Makes planning a breeze!" - Birgy
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