Establish a place in our catalog for your products alongside those of other leading product manufacturers and retailers.   Include your full product line, with all style, size and color options so users can choose from your full breadth of offerings.

Add your brands and make it easier for consumers and designers to incorporate your products into their planning projects. You can also embed links from your web catalog straight to custom plans that you share on your website!.




  • interlock trussThe best way for consumers to test your brand in a design concept is to visually compare your product with others in a realistic floor plan environment. Our rich interactive interface makes it easy to manipulate and move symbols around to get the special feel you’re looking for. That sure beats sketching on a napkin! Our ExhibitCore Floor Planner gives consumers instant feedback with little guessing as to how your product will work in their space planning process. Each individual product is linked back to your catalog page in order to learn more about that product. Our summary printout pages provide a shopping list with your product and information automatically.
  • Display your flooring and finishes. Choosing samples is the finishing touch to any Floor Planner. Whether choosing from a variety of carpets, wall papers, hardwood floors or laminates samples, you product is included in the decision making process. — ExhibitCore Floor Planner makes it fast and easy.
  • Your show services

    If you offer specialize services at a certain venue, make sure everyone knows it. Get your name out and be part of the planning process at the onset. Join our dealer showcase today! Custom web software development is software that is written specifically for your business application designed and developed to meet a specific need and built to your specific requirements. In other words, its specific to your company.

  • Include “Design Showrooms” on your Site or Blog

    Create a showroom design that features your products, then simply copy and paste the auto-generated embed code to include the design anywhere on your site.  Your visitors will be able to explore and interact directly with the showroom design.