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Rental Management Feature

Rental Management Feature, As part of the ExhibitCore Manager.

rental catalogThis feature can be used by furniture rental companies in combination with the Exhibitcore floor planner or independently as a management tool to keep track of outgoing and incoming inventories and prevent conflicts.

In house rental inventory is available for clients to be able to rent products from exhibit house in addition to their own inventories. Many time undocumented inventory remains unaware even to the exhibit house’s project managers. by cataloging all of the exhibit inventories the exhibit house has the option to make that inventory availlable to the public or keep it private for only registered clients to see and use.

Rental inventories that are made public automaticaly generates a web portal from a choice of templates. Customize your rental store and start renting your properties right from the web. to supercharge your rentals access for design, create symbols to be included on the ExhibitCore Floor planner.

Rental Management is an automatic Feature and part of ExhibitCore Manager “exhibit house edition”.