Extensive Web Scheduler Feature

In our ExhibitCore Manager software all event package information is date sensitive. It is important to keep track of all dated information associated with an event. The Web Scheduler keeps track of all deadlines, reminders and recurring events to update all relevant parties with the latest information.web scheduler

Key benefits

  • All events automatically show up in the Web Scheduler.
  • User friendly style interface allows you to visualize tasks and appointments.
  • Check availability of inventories and storage locations with click of a mouse.
  • Full Ajax support lets you use the software just like a desktop application. That means pages update information without being refreshed.
  • Yearly, monthly, weekly and daily recurrence control. You can even clone tasks and appointments by dragging and dropping to a new date.
  • In addition to visual indication, you can call a special method to create all-day appointments for all events. This gives you two benefits: First, end-users can be notified of upcoming events.Second, if conflict restriction is enabled, end-users will not be able to create any additional appointments on event days.
  • Import and export support for iCalendar and vCalendar format used by software like Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar, Yahoo! Calendar.
  • Timelines for different resources are automatically color coded.