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Host your  own White label Floor Planner, all feature packed for your industry or product line!

Customized Branded Interface

Rebrand the floor planner to your interface options and launch from your web site

  • Add your own Favicon
  • Add you own Header Logo
  • Set custom height of header area
  • Enable Print pdf Logo, footer
  • Hide Contextual Help
  • Set custom From Email Address
  • Set custom Email From Name
  • Add Public Dashboard Metabox viewable by all users;
  • Add Private Dashboard Metabox only viewable by Administrators
  • Remove Custom Dashboard Widgets added by other plugins
  • Enable Language Localization

Customized product catalog

Create and feature your own company’s product for all to see

  • Content Creation
  • Download our proprietary 3d plug-in and start publishing instantly
  • create packages of your products to appear on other floor planners
  • set up “get a quote” forms to receive email request from your users
  • Include your venues fully measured and rendered
  • setup your templates and make it searchable
  • embed designs on your catalog website
  • submit your content creation request

Signup your own users

Sign up your own user

  • Enable Login Screen Customization
  • Add Custom Login Screen Logo
  • Enable Login Form Customization
  • Enable Advanced Settings (create your own login template)
  • Alternate Template (support for iPhone, iPad and Smartphones)
  • Email Strategy and Implementation

The greatest enemy  to your progress is your last success. don’t stop innovating !

Why do I need one?

Drive traffic to your website with useful and relevant content and highlight your product and services like never before. Save time and money for both you and your customers. time and money

What will it cost?

Prices starts at $350 a month depending on features. Setup fees, and content creation varies depending on your need.


How fast can i get one?

Be up and running in just a few days with our ready content, and start servicing your loyal customers. Build your catalog over time or plan a big launch with our resourceful teamproject plan

Contact us to get white label quote!