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ExhibitCore Floor Planner

Drag + Drop Space planning creation tool

Boost your clients’ confidence in their design choices with ExhibitCore Floor Planner. Create and share rich, realistic 2D and 3D design visuals. Better understand each other’s vision and help your clients make faster, more-informed decisions. Empower your clients to express their design vision. Work together to update designs and finalize concepts faster. Embed designs on your web site for marketing or review. No prior CAD or software experience necessary.

ExhibitCore Event Planner

PLan Large event without Large staff + Publish to all devices

In today’s competitive market event managers are looking for ways to streamline their workflow process in order to maximize profitability. With the ExhibitCore Event Planner you can attain this goal while maintaining a high level of customer service. Once you get used to the powerful tools available to you in our event Planner you will not want to plan another trade show or event without it.

ExhibitCore Manager

Tradeshow and exhibit Management software

Collaborate like never before when you combine the power of everything you need to successfully run your exhibit and event, in one easy-to-use suite. Extend your collaboration and productivity beyond the meeting to share ideas, meet online and manage your business - all in one place on the web.

ExhibitCore is peace of mind exhibit and event management software solution. It offers online inventory of assets, event calendars, planning tools, ROI calculators, links to tradeshow resources, and all necessary features to assist your tradeshow/marketing program.

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