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Get your own Floor Planner App and start selling product in a new way. Create your own assets library and publish with your brand and options.

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Simply download the app and browse floor plans you have created. Then navigate your floor plans in 3D interactive modes.

Upload Your Models!

Start uploading your own assets if you are a users of 3ds Max. Your assets will appear under the “My stuff” Category in the Floor Planner.

Dashboard Log-in and gallery

Log-in to the dashboard to view and manage account information and floor plans. Share plans, manage assets, trade objects.

More than 100,000 users and the best rating by event planners and exhibitors

ExhibitCore is the best rated Most advanced Cloud based floor planner on the Web. There is no other Floor Planner with that many Features, spanning so many industries, and produces such beautiful results. Heck, you will be hard pressed to find ANY product on the web with that many loyal costumers and a rating that good 😉

A growing library of more than 530,000 floor plan layouts

Our Floor Planning Tool is one of a kind: we offer free accounts as demos with multiple upgrade options that fully immerse you with rich content, unlike others who hide the software until you sign-up 😉

You can import your own objects with a just a few clicks, the default, free assets are easily adaptable to your needs and you can modify properties and chose from a variety of layouts and template. In addition to that, you can also use the dashboard section to browse the work of your peers and modify all permissable work for your own project!

Our great FloorPlan Layout Editor just got better:
Now with HTML5!


Step 1: Fully animated 3d scenes the plays live


Step 2: Edit floor plans to your liking. A live preview with drag and drop simplicity.


Step 3: Rinse and repeat, add dynamic registration to you published plan 😉

Add your venue to the ExhibitCore, and be found by event planners and show organizers from all over the world. Once a floor plan has been submitted to our database, event planners can use your floor plans as part of their designs.

Give your venue the best chance to be found when event planners are making design decisions. You can also go further by publishing fully scaled CAD floor plans and 3D space fully rendered and optimized for the web browser and tablet devices. This will allow for a realistic preview of what your space has to offer.

Get a custom app and or white label floor planner and run your own product line with an interface customized to your company’s need. you may, wish to limit or expand certain features or just brand the software and host it on your web site.

We also offer white label option to small user groups that wish to keep all jobs private or to a limited audience.

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Case study and integration with some of our clients.
And of course working with thousands more…

Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre

Suntec Singapore is the World’s Leading Meetings & Conference Centre, located at the heart of Asia’s most integrated meetings, conventions and exhibitions hub. With great versatility featuring 42,000m² of flexible customizable space. Our Floor planner Software Helps Suntec layout all events visually and measure capacity accurately in any situation.

Totally Mod- Furniture

Totally Mod’s special furniture offers endless combinations and required a software that makes layout simple. We developed a special feature called “Magnet points” which makes it easy for furniture components to snap together as they are being placed in various combination on a floor plan. We managed the need to have many color options of each furniture without the need to create hundreds of pieces.

Four of the UK’s leading event and exhibition trade product suppliers form the DISQ Group

Our Floor Planner solution helps the four businesses combined facilitate design and inventory ordering using their range of products for event, exhibition and retail use available in the market.

Presentation Group

Presentation Group Needed a whole library of custom Models in use with the floor Planner. These models are private only to the client and cannot be shared publicly. Often similar clients have needs that exist beyond the public assets and need to be added to The “my stuff” category as private collection.

Siemens Exhibitor Management program

Our Software helped, Siemens manage their exhibit program worldwide while saving them millions annually in logistic cost. Our cloud-based solution helped them  focus on their strength while bringing together feature-rich design tools and events management suite that’s scalable from soup to nuts.

What our customers say

“I like How this Floor Planner intergrates to your other tradeshow software, like the inventory management system. feels like a natural progression to a great system. I cant wait to see what else you guys will come up with”

Anna CaballeroEvent Manager

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